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For over one half a century I have covered as much terrain and explored as much of the world of ski adventures and design as I could. If only there was another 50 years of exploration for me. Now is the time to explore more.  Ones life and time is a limited commodity from this moment on.


As a designer, photographer and adventurer I have always been curious and worked very hard at learning as much about my world as I could. Sometimes it was a matter of learning to survive and manage risk in the mountains. Sometimes it was purely a desire to improve the community or a sport that I was passionate about. In one case designing useful new items such as ski boots or practical environmental designs for the towns I live near in Colorado. And sometimes is was just about finding out who I am and what is important in the world through photography. I hope you enjoy my vision of the world here. It is like geology, it is dynamic, always changing and constantly revealing the deeper truths from which we come.  Enjoy it!   - Art

The Ajax Design & Communications Story

For 30 years I have been creating as much functional value in design as I can whether it has been improving public knowledge of important western water issues, bringing the extraordinary world of big mountain exploration via books like 50 CLASSIC SKI DESCENTS OF NORTH AMERICA or developing Scarpa ski boots, Black Diamond projects or civic environmental designs that many thousands of users enjoy and use every day. Ajax Design has been the cornerstone to constant development of useful and compelling design and hopefully a great source of enjoyment for all those who have enjoyed or used these great products.